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Conservation Efforts

The Tri-municipal Park Advisory Board has been working to create a partnership that will bring disk golf to the park. Discussions with the local office of the US Department of Agriculture and the local chapter of Pheasants Forever, have led to a proposal that will develop a 36 acre area as natural pheasant habitat and a disk golf course. As this habitat grows, trails will be mowed to provide forage for smaller wildlife and for the nature enjoyment of walkers, bikers and horseback riders.

Under the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program ( CREP ) of the US Department of Agriculture, the park committee hopes to convert over 50 acres into natural habitat that will be 'rented' by the USDA from the park. This area will be planted in tall 'Warm Season Grasses' ( WSG ) and wildflowers that support bird life such as the ringnecked pheasant. This CREP area will be a large block of 40 acres at the rear of the park, and 5 large ( 1.5 to 3.5 acres each ) 'Islands' of habitat through which our disk golf course will pass. The disk course will be 'lanes' ( 120' to 200' wide ) of a shorter WSG ( 1' to 2.5' tall) and wildflowers with a mowed walking trail down the middle. The local chapter of Pheasants Forever has proposed a generous offer where they will buy the seed and plant much of these areas and stock them with pheasants. The disk golf course area will be of sufficient size and distance to develop into a national level Championship course that will attract many disk golf enthusiasts to our area. Anyone wishing to be involved in or contribute to these projects may contact Ray Hankinson,, placing "disk golf course" in the subject line.